Craig and Madi are siblings who both have Type 1 diabetes. They were both diagnosed in 2012 and with in 4 months of each other. Craig (16) and Madi (7) are awesome kids and here you will see the everyday things that come with Type 1. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes. Thank you so much for reading!!
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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Heroes of Type 1

I am so excited that after a lot of time, effort and energy...

The Heroes of Type 1 Book is almost finished! It has been sent off to the printer and is in the final stages!

Release Date will be in August.

I know this will be an inspiring book fo rall!
I cannot wait for the things to come.  I know this book with help educate and advocate, inspire and share the truth behind Type 1 diabetes.
Please spread the word, order a book for yourself or as a gift. They are on  a preorder sale right now ($5 off release price)

Heroes of Type 1
A Type 1 Diabetes Portrait series
Heroes of Type 1 is a compilation of
Type 1 diabetics from ages 1 to 73.
From a small baby, baseball player, doctor, hiker, dancer,
student, teacher, hockey player and many more!
Over 100 pages of Full color images!
Prepare to be inspired!
Pre-order price - $19.95 + tax and S&H
Regular price - $24.95

Check out the new website as well wit h new blog posts and updates! 

Monday, March 28, 2016


Since Craigs Diagnosis we have really stuck with JDRF as a way of coping with it all.  Helping, advocating and educating really helps us get through it all.
 This year we did a coin drive at Madis school. The amazing school full of awesome students brought in over $900 in coins!! I couldnt believe it!!
Today we went to my older boys school.  Craig spoke at teh assembly along with Nick Boynton.  I met him through my Heroes of Type 1 project and hes super nice.  He and Craig did such a great job at the assembly and it was great to hear their different perspectives and stories.  Next week we have a Dodgetball tournament at the school, a dress down day as well as a school walk on friday! 
Im thankful for the opportunity we have to help out JDRF and that my kids enjoy it and are not shy about advocating!!

 Craig, Madi and Nick Boynton

 LOVE this one!! SHow off those pumps!

The school principal and our friend Mr. McComb!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Being a mom... of 2 diabetics

As moms, we do our best to care for our children.  Many things we do go unseen, but I get it.  I understand. I see you!!

Most days we just dont even think of all we can accomplish because we are just living life.. doing what we have to in order to keep it all together.

I have moments when I stop and think of this crazy life.

Living with 2 diabetics who need constant care and 2 other children who I worry get a lack of attention because of the necessity of attention to our diabetic kiddos.  

Many late nights, worry, glucose checks, running up and down those stairs to get a juice box for one child, then checking the other and needing to go back down stairs to get insulin for a quick shot to fix a high, waiting 15 minutes for the one child who is low to get high enough to have a protein, then going back down to grab a Danimals, all at 2 am, lack of sleep, exhaustion and then what?

We get up in the morning, start a new day and move on.

Theres no talk about that rough night.. Just the sight of dark circles under my eyes, tired body and crazy hair lol. Who even has time to do their hair? Just throw it in a top bun and get on with it!

But I need you D moms to know that I get it.  I know you're tired.  I know you worry and I know the weight that you have on your shoulders.

Your kids may not see all you do, because they are half asleep.
Your spouse may not see it all because hes sleeping too (or at work in our case).
Your friends may not see it, or understand why you rarely see them.  Why you have little time because you are running from school to school to drop off snacks, juice boxes and even insulin because your teenager forgot to fill his cartridge in the morning, running to the pharmacy to get insulin and supplies, fighting on the phone to get the supplies you need for your child to stay alive because the insurance just doesn't want to pay for 2 D kids, going to schools to teach new coaches, and teachers about your child's type 1 so they can be safe at practice.  The advocating, fundraising, planning and serving you do.  Your friends may not understand that you still need a friend, even if your life is busy and your kids have so many needs.

You may even feel like you've lost friends.

But I need you to know you are appreciated. You are needed.  You are a freaking amazing D mom!

You rock those late nights and you work so hard to keep your child alive.  Not only that but you do SO much, so that THEY can enjoy the little things that many kids don't have to think twice about.  You are not alone in this.

So keep going.  Don't give up and don't forget that you are strong, just like your D kids.
We focus a lot on the strength of our children, but remember,  you are holding that strong kid up, helping them to build their strength so they can  be independent.

I am so thankful for other D moms who have given care, support and advice.  Its a great circle to be in!!

SO in the end, rock that messy hair and dark circles under your eyes!  and remember that you are full of strength and love.  Give your kids an extra hug today and just enjoy that moment.  Then grab that meter and give them a lecture for not checking all day at school lol!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

whats new?

Oh the past 6 months have been insane! I was in school full time, working full time, and trying my best to be a good mother, wife and friend.. It was rough!!
I finished my classes with all A's (yay!!) and now Im taking it easy!
Im only taking 1 class and Im working on my book.
My Heroes of type 1 project has become something bigger than I ever imagined. I though about how great it would be for a newly diagnosed T1 to see all of these T1 heroes.. So Im putting them all in a book!
Exciting news? YES! I am so excited!
I have a few people on my schedule to meet and photograph in the next few weeks. Max Domi (He is freaking awesome!! seriously and does so much for T1s), Nick Boynton, Cory Vaughn and many more! I cannot wait t see them all in a book. It will be an inspiring book for anyone!
One thing I realized in doing this photography project is that each person I have photographed shows so much strength and personality.  T1 is a difficult disease and these brave spirits are dealing with it with such humility and courage!

Putting this book together is an expensive feat and to help with publishing costs, Ive designed some T1 T shirts!! You can order here:

Ive also started a facebook page for the book.. go check it out!

And tomorrow marks Craigs 4th diaversary.. I almost cant believe weve been fighting this disease for 4 years now!

Friday, November 6, 2015


As we know diabetes is a daily thing. Each day is different and there is never a "normal" day.  Having 2 diabetics, here is how my evenings so..  But here is a "normal" night in our house. I thought about it tonight so I took pictures and I'd share... I am usually up late editing or doing homework, when I go to bed I'll check the kids. I went in to check Madis glucose and she was 60.. So I had to go get her a juice, wake her up, get her to drink it, then wait 15 minutes to recheck... After that I rechecked her (which took some wrestling a half awake child) her blood sugar had only gone up 4 points! That means she must have been dropping quick! So I gave her another juice... While I waited, I went in to check Craig: 201. Great! Ok he's good for the night, now back to Madi.. Recheck again (that means another finger poke, 3rd one in the past 30 minutes). Now it's 79.. So now she needs a carb protien to keep her levels good until morning. Gogurt does the trick, she sucks it down half awake with her eyes closed. Finally she can go back to sleep.. And so can I. So if you see Craig or Madi and they look pretty tired, now you know why:) this is real life, life with type 1 diabetes.

 a quick before I go to bed check and she was low so I ran to grab her a juice.  She drinks it with her eyes closed, half awake and drinks it quick..

 she rests while I wait 15 minutes to re check if her blood sugar came up to a safe number.

 15 minutes later and she only went up 4 points! That means she must have been dropping fast! Im so glad I did a check before I went to bed.  Well, since the juice wasnt doing the trick, she had another juice and I waited another 15 minutes. 
While I waited, I went in to check Craig. Yay! A great sleeping number, ok he's good, now back to Madi...
 Finally an ok she needs a carb protein snack to get her safely to morning. Gogurt does the trick.

She eats is like its a reflex, eyes closed and can finally go back to sleep..
The after math..Ill clean it in the morning, Im tired! I finally went to bed around 1 am 
Madi woke up this morning at a blood glucose of 74!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

no more pump..

modern technology is a great thing... but right now, we need a break.

Madi has so many sores on her small body from pump sites and she has apparently developed an allergic reaction to the Dexcom sites. She gets a terrible rash underneath. When we take the site off, she has what looks like a bad burn. We tried a new site and after just 2 days we took it off and will not use any more until she heals completely.
Another reason we are taking a break from teh pump is becaue of to many highs... The not knowing if she is gettign insulin, if there is a kink or if she is just high for some other reason.
At least with the injections, we know she got the insulin. Theres no question if the cannula is kinked or the site is bad.
We have already seen an improvement in her numbers!
Shots are no fun and with injections she has to get 8-9 shots a day.
Also with no Dexcom, Im getting up at 2 am to check both kids to make sure their numbers are good. Especially since they are both so active and we are on the Lantus, we need to see how their body reacts in the evening for a bit. 

I a sure after a while she will be ready to go back on the pump, but for now we are going back to the beginning...