Craig and Madi are siblings who both have Type 1 diabetes. They were both diagnosed in 2012 and with in 4 months of each other. Craig (16) and Madi (7) are awesome kids and here you will see the everyday things that come with Type 1. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes. Thank you so much for reading!!
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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 209

Its that time of the year again...

Back to School

When you have a T1 kiddo, back to school is a lot more than just school shopping and sending them off to school..

Here are some things we do to prepare our kids AND the school for another school year with T1.

  • Prepare the nurse:   for us, this means taking in a small tub of items my child will possibly need through out the school day.  Both kids will have items in class and their backpack, but here are items we give to the nurse:
     *carb/protien snacks like crackers and PB, pretzels & yogurt
     *boxes of juice and tablets
     *extra pump battery
     *Alcohol wipes
     *A meter for the nurses office 
     *extra test strips
     *extra pump tubing
     *Ketone strips

  • Prepare the teachers & teaching staff:  This year, Madi is starting Kinder, so I had to go in and train the Kinder staff (all staff just in case her teacher is absent at any time).  The school nurse did a small presentation and we covered what T1 is, high/lows, Glucagon, warning signs, carbs & intake, checking glucose, quick sugars and more.  Teachers were able to ask questions and I also brought Madi so she could show them her pump and meter.    After the meeting, we made sure that her teacher had the following items in class:
     *juice & tablets
     *carb/protien snacks like crackers and PB, pretzels & yogurt
     *extra test strips
     *a meter for the classroom
     *no carb snacks like beef jerky
     *Handouts of signs of highs/lows
     *A substitute paper with a photo of Madi on it for easy recognition in case of a sub
     *she will also have a very small bag to take to recess with a meter, glucagon and quick sugars in it.  I got a pencil bag that had handles and fit everything perfectly!!
  •  Meet with school staff, principal and nurse to create a 504:  luckily we have a great school that we probably dont even need a 504, but I like to have one anyway.  Some specific things we put in her 504 are:
     *A parent is able to go on all field trips or a nurse will be sent
     *I will get a call if she is above 300 or under 80
     *absences diabetes related will not could against her
     *her carb ratios and a doctors order
     *She will be able to test BS in class to have less access to sickness at the nurses office.
     *She will be able to wear her pump pouch and belts in any color or style she chooses (she goes to a charter school with uniforms)
     *If her BS is under 80 or aboove250, she will not take tests until she is within range
     *school will text me before giving her any insulin to confirm amount.
     *she will have unlimited access to water and bathroom breaks
     *much more specifics on her daily checks as well

Craig doesnt start till next week and he starts High School, so Ill let you know how all that goes!! Its his first time ever in public school, and I know he will love it, but its a whole different we will see how the T1 care will go.  As well as the 504!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 208

I had to post about this...

I typically get up at 3am for glucose checks..
The night before last I turned my alarm off because I got up a little earlier than 3 on my own, so I didnt want it going off again at 3.
So last night, I was unaware that my alarm wasnt on.  I slept through 3 am.. but was awaken at 3:118 am... Madis insulin pump alarm was going off... low battery.. I get a new battery and think "well, Ill check her since Im up."

She was 63!! way too low for sleeping and she didnt even wake up.  We would have slept another 5 hours!!! SO scary!!
I woke her up and she got juice and a snack to tide her over until the morning..
Then I thought.."I should go check Craigs blood too, Im sure he is fine, but Ill go check"

You see, he was sleeping in my grandparents house across the property..
So at 3 am, I walked over and checked his blood... He was 72!! seriously??

All I could think about in the kitchen at 3:45 am now was what if her battery wasnt low.. what if I didnt wake up to check them?? Would they have woken up?? Why were they both low? Thats crazy! They have both had pretty good numbers at night so I thought maybe I didnt need to get up at 3 anymore, but that is NOT the case..

This, was an "I hate diabetes" night!

I felt so thankful for that low battery..and for Heavenly Father waking me up so I could take care of my kiddos..

Day 207

Remember I said Madis picture was going to be used for our JDRF walk this year in Tempe??

well, we got some of the proofs! SO EXCITED!! 

Its exciting because they are using my picture that I photographed, designed and also made her costume.. Really??! And I was approached about it.. I didnt ask them to use it! Im so thankful for the opportunity for her to do this.  its just so exciting !! You know Im saving copies of all the flyers we get!! lol

Its also exciting because Miss Madi is a little hero!!

We will be walking this year.. If you can, walk with us, join our team, or you can also donate here:

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 206

I know I have been bad about posting lately.. I guess it comes with summer fun.. Im not at my computer as often!!

I was thinking the other day how crazy it was when Craig was diagnosed..

Feelings of uncertainty, fear, pain..

Its been a year and whenever I see his diagnosis picture from the hospital, I am reminded of how hard that couple days was... and there after.

Its almost unreal..

I remember breaking down in the hospital room as he left to play in the teen room.. I had a moment to myself and just couldnt hold it in anymore.   I was so scared for my boy and just wanted him to be free of the pain and worry of Type 1.  I didnt know if he wouldBe able to live a "normal" life and do all he wants in life.
I knew nothing much of the disease.

A week later, he was back to  playing baseball!!

Crazy kid...

I love the fact that he hasnt let diabetes stop him in anything he wants to do.
He hasnt been shy about talking about it to his friends, or even at assemblies in front of hundreds of kids.

He amazes me every day....

When I am on a facebook page for Parents with kids with Type 1, I am amazed at these kids, who fight to stay a live everyday, and accomplish amazing things in life..

Fighting for your life may seem dramatic, but if you think so, then you dont know a child with type1..

Constant highs, lows, blood checks, shots, carb counting.. dont feel like treating a low? then they could die.. Dont feel like taking care of themselves? then they could die.. Its a fact of life for them..

Yet, nothing stops them. Type 1 kids are amazingly strong, and thats just a fact!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 205

Reasons we love the pump..

1 shot every 3 days..
this is the top reason... Madi was getting to the point where she would cry if she had to get a shot within an hour of eachother.. but she was hungry, and even if she wanted an apple, she needed another shot. 

Better control
One of the best things about having a pump is that you are not relying on long acting insulin that peaks and then fades out.. You have s much better control of the amount of insulin they get every minute and that helps their body to be function better.  Craig gets different amounts of insulin all day because of how his body works.  He has MUCH better numbers!

Easy access
by that I mean when we are at a restaurant, I dont have to take Madi to the bathroom to give her a shot.. I can just use a remote to give her insulin and no one would ever know what was happening.  She would want to go to the bathroom for her shots so no one would see. Craig didnt care, he would get a shot anywhere, but sometimes I worried if people would be grosed out by it.. You never really know.  Also, when he is out with his friends he doesnt have to draw up insulin and worry about carrying syringes ect. 

Its even cute!
Theres nothing cute about syringes...LOL, but Madi loves wearing all different colors and patterns of pump belts!!!

Pumping has its ups and downs, but its such a blessing.  It really makes life easier for my kiddos and when they already have to deal with ALL type 1 is, Im thankful they can have something that makes it easier!