Craig and Madi are siblings who both have Type 1 diabetes. They were both diagnosed in 2012 and with in 4 months of each other. Craig (16) and Madi (7) are awesome kids and here you will see the everyday things that come with Type 1. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes. Thank you so much for reading!!
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Does your child have a 504??
I have had the hardest time this year with criags 504.. or lack of.
Before school started I called the school at try to schedule a 504 meeting.
He was starting High School..and a new school so I definitely wanted to meet with the school, talk over the 504 plan and also educate his teachers.
I was told that the school doesnt meet until after school starts.
I found that weird, but ok I guess...
So school started and I had concerns because he had PE on his schedule. I wanted his teachers to know signs of trouble and what his needs were.
The school told be that his teachers had received a copy of his 504 from his old school and that they had 60 days to get with me to do his 504 meeting.
Again, I thought that was just crazy.. What if something happened..
He had a day where he came home and told me he had a bad low at school.
He said he was in the back of the class and he couldnt see. He tried to get his stuff and he checked his blood. he grabbed some tablets. all of this happening in the back of the class without anyone knowing.
That was it, I emailed the principal directly this time demanding a 504 meeting within 2 weeks.
the principal did not email me back, what she did was forward my email to the counselor I had previously been dealing with! So then HE called me and made me feel like Craig is better off without meeting. He said that if we met to discuss his 504 that the school would rule that he does not need one because he is "thriving" in school.  They would take away his 504 and he would have nothing.  He said since he had all A's that he doesnt need a 504. I told him he doesnt need an IEP, he needs a 504 but he insisted that the school would deny him a 504 because he was smart and hard working?? huh?!
 He STILL has diabetes.. and its a daily struggle.. he has needs and highs and lows can happen anytime.. Do they not know that?
So they are actually "helping" me by not meeting about the 504.  Like I was making things harder for Craig by trying to meet and get a 504 signed.
I expressed concerns about PE and that he could get low or even pass out. and the counselor told me that no teacher will give him the glucagon. They would call the nurse and wait for her to get there.. So I said but the teachers NEED to know what to do if he is prevent the possibility of a seizure..or worse! He continued to tell me that the nurse would deal with it. and that the teachers have some info.
I didnt want to cause trouble for Craig at school so I personally emailed each of his teachers with diabetes info and specifics of Craigs lows.  I received emails back from the teachers and felt good that at least I had a personal connection with each teacher and they knew my son and what he needed..

Then next thing I knew it, half the year is already over.  He has finals today!
I emailed the school again saying I want a 504 meeting asap.  I cant believe I let them push me around.  This is our first experience with this.  Craigs last school and Madis school were amazing with their diabetes care and needs.  I had no problems getting a 504 meeting.

I dont know why his school now doesnt want to sign a 504.. I havent asked for anything but a meeting! and they have refused.  I will be taking someone from the American Diabetes Association to help me so they dont push me around. They try to act like they have my and Craigs best interest in mind but then why the heck wont you meet with us or sign a 504.. Its really weird and feels like  a red flag!

I feel bad because I should have demanded a 504 and called a lawyer at first when they kept giving me the run around. Live and learn I guess......

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Madi has been fighting highs lately... has a little cough and sore throat today, but doctor says its not contagious and should be good to go to school tomorrow.. I told her we need to keep an eye on her Ketones and she informed me "Diabetes is just crappy!".... I know my 6 year old shouldn't be saying "crappy" but I had to agree with her.. Craig has been fighting ketones today too, sore throat and chills.. (doc says its not strep, just virus). Did you know that T1 kids can get sick easier and also take longer to get better?? When they get sick, its not just take some cold meds and rest.. Its check glucose more, check for Ketones, if they have Ketones, try to flush them out with lots and lots of fluids plus insulin...and sometimes is a hospital visit if you cant get rid of the ketones.. This is one reason we go kind of inactive in the winter.. because people take their sick kids to church and Im super paranoid my kids will get sick.. I hate germs!!! on a happy note we got our tree .Its beautiful and it smells amazing!!!

 Guess what?? someone had a birthday!! Miss Madi is 6!!! She wanted a doctor party and to collect color books for the kids at the hospital.  It was a lot of fun! They decorated cards for the kids at PCH too!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


we had a really great Thanksgiving.
The kids had a great time running around, playing basketball, riding dirt bikes and being with family. 
Craig had such a great time, he came into the house and grabbed his meter and said "come here mom" I said "what?' and he said "just get over here"
He was in the process of checking his blood and he could feel he was really low..
A glucose check and we find out he is 33.... I hurried to find some juice and he laid there.. on the floor waiting for his glucose to get it..
I said "what does it feel like when you are that low?
and he said you know when you are fasting?? its like 100 times worse!

It always gets me emotional when he or Madi gets low because i know it isnt too far from that glucagon! especially at 33!! It is a huge fear of mine to have to use that!