Craig and Madi are siblings who both have Type 1 diabetes. They were both diagnosed in 2012 and with in 4 months of each other. Craig (16) and Madi (7) are awesome kids and here you will see the everyday things that come with Type 1. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes. Thank you so much for reading!!
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Day 158

If you only knew....

  • That my kids have to get multiple daily injections of insulin and it hurts every time.
  • The pokes dont ever get "easy" or "normal".
  • Life in general doesnt ever go back to "normal" ...We have a new normal that includes test strips, blood drops, syringes, insulin, and its anything but "normal".
  • Nothing I did caused my kids to get diabetes...and no, this isnt me being defensive, its just plain fact. It is an autoimmune disease..
  • Many nights madi wakes up in the middle of the night and I have to check her glucose to make sure a "low" didnt wake her up... Sometimes a low number can cause her to awake..or have bad dreams.
  • I really hate diabetes... although I go with the flow every day...and try to act like its just part of our life, I really hate this disease..
  • Type 1 diabetes changes everything in our loves... going out, naps, sickness, babysitters, sports, food, money, everything!
  •  Being an Type 1 advocate isnt really a choice. Its a responsibility!
  • Its been a year and I still wish every day that my children didnt have the worry, pain and annoyance that type 1 brings..
  • We will do all we can to share and educate others on what Type 1 REALLY is.
  • My kids are just "kids" but they are heros too!  They inspire me daily.
  • Madi at least once a week says "I wish I didnt have diabetes" or "diabetes sucks". It breaks a moms heart.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 157

Just another diabetic day...

Craig has a friend over... He is a really good friend

I was sitting in a chair and overheard him ask Craig "Are you high?"

It kind if made me giggle...

There have been so many times we have been out and about and asked him that...

Just a natural question for a diabetic...

But then I wonder how many people around us think its odd that we casually ask our teenage son if "he is high"

I understand that can mean a lot of different things... but for us, it only means "Do you need insulin?"


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day 156


I seriously wonder whenever my other 2 kids get sick, or have to go to the bathroom a lot..or are really hungry..

I know its not something I should worry about, but its hard not to.

When Craig was diagnosed, we aske right away what the chances were that our other kids could get Type 1... We were told only about 3%..

Well almost 4 months later, Madi was diagnosed..

So that 3% went right out the window!

My youngest son has been sick for a few days now.. I want to check his blood just for a clear mind, but I dont want to worry him either..

I think it will probably be something I always struggle with.. wondering..worrying...

And yes, I know it does no good to do it, its just in my nature...I am a worrier..and type 1 doesnt help that!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 155

Well for some crazy reason Craig convinced me to do the ADA Tour de Cure... He wanted to do the 62 mile ride so that he could also use it towards Boy Scouts Merit Badge for Cycling..

First off, we are not cyclists!

Second off, I have had 4 kids, and am completely out of shape!

And third, who in the heck rides a bike for 62 miles??

Well I wanted to support him in this endeavor and I see all he goes through with his Type 1 diabetes that I thought if he can do that, then I can do THIS...

Today we are up to 18 miles!

We rode a bike for 18 miles.. my legs are numb!! lol

We have 8 weeks left!

If you would like to donate (we have to fund raise $175 each for the ride), you can go here:

Our team name is Craig's Team
any donation helps.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Day 154

Well It has really been 365 days until Craig Diagnosis!! Not since Ive started this blog, but anyway, we have been dealing with Type 1 for a full year now!Its almost hard to believe.. but when we think of all that we have done and all that has happened in the past year, it almost feels like its been longer!!
Well Craig had a baseball tournament on the anniversary of his diagnosis, but I still wanted to make it special.. He has had a rough year and has  delt with it so amazingly.. He inspires me everyday!
So I had shirts made for our family, and bought blue laces for his team.. Craig had no idea.  When he saw our shirts he said they were "awesome"..but then when we arrived at the tournament and he saw all of the blue laces, he was really surprised.  I know he felt the love and support of his team and that made me so happy!
 Coach got a big card for Craig...

 All of the blue laces!!!
 This is how his brothers support him.They wear blue and play their ipods all the game! lol

 The whole family.. We had shirts made with "Someone with Type 1 Diabetes makes me proud everyday" and the back had his Jersey number and PRICE at the top.
 After the games, his coach presented him with the card signed by players, their families and the coaches. It was pretty awesome.  He said a few words about Craig and I completely teared up.. Craig also had cards for his coaches.. He wrote thank you card to many people who supported him this year. Teachers, leaders, Scout Leaders, Friends, Coaches, People who donated to the hospital.. I was thankful he took the time to thank those who have helped him the past year! I think that is very important!

 This one below is so funny... From a good friend of his.!! lol

As I saw all of those young men with blue laces, I though about how they will probably never know how much that meant to us... It was awesome to see all of the blue laces in support of our boy!
We are so very thankful for everyone who has been there for our kiddos this past year..Anyone who has offered kind words, a hug, donations, visits, and support in any way.  This year we could not have endured without you!! Thank you so much!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 153

Well Its almost been a year since Craigs DX...

So crazy that its almost been a year..

Well as I was thinking of it, I wanted to do something special for him

Because although getting diagnosed with Type 1 is not something I want to celebrate, there are many things to celebrate..

In this past year Craig has:

  • pricked his finger at least 2900 times
  • Pierced his skin with a needle and injected insulin at least 1800 times
  • Spoken to 6 school classes about diabetes awareness
  • Spoken at an assembly
  • Helped earn $1500 for JDRF for research for a cure
  • Walked the JDRF walk for a cure
  • Volunteered at Tour De Cure
  • Won 3 championship rings for baseball
  • Been named Team captain of his Baseball team
  • Gone on hikes, camp outs and also Rock climbing with diabetes
  • He has helped to gather items for children at the hospital
  • Has kept all A's throughout all of the craziness of his super busy life
  •  Has spent 6 days in the hospital due to diagnosis and sickness.
  • and done so many other things
He has a baseball tournament on the 1 year to the date.  Im having shirts made for our family to wear at his baseball tournament and also getting blue (for Juvenile diabetes) laces for his whole team to wear in support of him as well.

I am also very thankful for the many people who have supported Craig this past year.  People who have allowed him to live his life as though he has no disease.. People who have helped him to continue to enjoy the things he loves. 
Family, friends, coaches and team members, Boys Scout and church leaders, and teachers..
They have allowed him to be him..and not "a kid with diabetes".....I feel so thankful for these people..
Craig has a wonderful group of friends who do not care that he has type 1... but that allow him to be a kid..and they look out for him and his diabetes.  For me to know that when he is at baseball, or at a scouting event, or with his friends, that he has people looking out for him.
 That is a true blessing!

I am also thankful for Craig..for his strength and faith.  He has gone through this year so gracefully...He has helped other children and helped so many see what Type 1 is.. I am so proud of my boy!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 152

Well if you follow this blog you would know that Miss Madi ended up in the hospital on her birthday...low blood sugar plus puking = ER visit.
So we  had  her Birthday Re-Do

 Typical Madi!!

 "Make your own Lalaloopsy" Magnets!!

 Party Favors..Lalaloopsy color books and crayons

Adding up carbs for every snack was "fun". 

I wrote it down before the party just in case I forgot since I would have a bunch of 4-5 year olds here!
I put all measurements in cupcake cups to make it easy at the party.. Just grab one and they are prefilled with the right measurements so I know what to account for for Madi.
 Chocolate covered Strawberries= 15 carbs for 2 strawberries

 Strawberry Crystal Light= 0 carbs!

Chocolate dipped Pretzels= 20 carbs for 4 Pretzels
Cheese Balls (Madi insisted!)= 5 carbs for 1/4 cup of cheese balls

Chex Mix= 10 carbs for 1/4 cup of mix

Sugar Cookie and frosting=25 carbs per cookie
And Lastly, since Madi wont eat cake, I always make her cookies..SO each child decorated 2 cookies with frosting and sprinkles

Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 151

Here is Diabetes according to Landon, our 11 year old.   

What is Diabetes? 
A disease that destroys and eats away your pancreas.  And then the pancreas cannot produce insulin.

How did you feel when Craig and Madi were diagnosed?
Um, sad..I was sad because Madi and Craig couldnt play outside without checking their blood. I was worried about them at first.  When they came home,  it seemed like a lot of work. 

How does it make you feel?
Diabetes makes me feel like I need to do something to try to help.  Like try to help with Tour de cure and fundraising to find a cure.   When I can help, it makes me feel happy, like I am helping them a little bit.

How does diabetes affect YOU?
It affects me because when I have to watch Madi, I have to do more than just watch her like before.  I have to check her blood and call you. 
It takes attention away from us sometimes because they have to check their blood and then when they are low and stuff then you're not really listening to me when Im trying to talk to you. 

What do you want to say to Craig about his diabetes?

I would say that he forgets stuff all the time.

What do you want to say to Madi about her diabetes?
I would say she is brave because she is 5 years old. 

What would you tell your friends about diabetes?
 I would tell them that its a disease that makes you get shots for most of your food because your body wont produce insulin.  But theirs doesnt so they have to get it.  They can still eat whatever they want, but they just have to get a shot.  They can do whatever they want too, they just have to check their blood sugar.

Awe, the honesty of a child... some of the answers broke my heart.. I know that Diabetes affect the WHOLE family, and its hard for it not to.  As you can see, its hard for everyone.....