Craig and Madi are siblings who both have Type 1 diabetes. They were both diagnosed in 2012 and with in 4 months of each other. Craig (16) and Madi (7) are awesome kids and here you will see the everyday things that come with Type 1. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes. Thank you so much for reading!!
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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 184

Yesterday I received this comment..

Hi, I'm fourteen years old. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes about five months ago. I had the same symptoms as your son did, so my parents took me in to get blood drawn and such, they called back that night and told me that my blood sugar was 792. I kind of find it weird that your son had to spend four nights in the hospital and I didn't even have to spend one, but I thought it would be nice to hear someone else's story. I plan to read the whole blog. I'm very interested in reading someone else's experiences with diabetes. 


When I started this blog it was mainly to share the kids' stories and help people understand what this disease is really about...

I didnt realize it would be reaching other kids who have Type 1..

I was happy and sad.. I felt sad for this young man because well, I knew what he was going through..Ive seen my son go through it.
It hard...

And I was happy that he can read our story and feel some sort of comfort knowing that here is Craig, who has gone through it as well..

These kids all around the world with Type 1 are strong, determined kids.. They struggle every day with worries that most kids dont have to worry about.. but they do it..and they live on and live amazing lives!

So anyway, since I got that comment, I decided to add my email to the top of this page.. 

Anyone interested can email me or the kids and ask questions or say anything they like.. Id love to hear from you!!

Taylor, Im so glad you found our blog and I hope you are doing well..
Here is an answer to your question on why my kids stayed in the hospital for 4 days...
the 4 day hospital stay after diagnosis is just common practice at the childrens hospital in Phoenix. They have you meet with a nutritionist, get your calculations right, educate all on the disease and make sure that the kids and parents know how to deal with it when they go home.. They dont let the kids leave until they can give themselves a shot (except for the little kiddos), and they have to see mom and dad give a shot as well.   Craigs sister had the same 4 day stay when she was diagnosed, even though we had already been there for 4 days with Craig a couple months earlier.. Each hospital has different policies:) Thank you for reading..I hope to hear from you again soon..I told Craig about you and your comment:)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 183

yes, we are still here.. just very busy.
 Craig is getting used to the pump.. He really likes it!  He even said he likes that he doesnt have to remember to grab his insulin when he leaves because well, he has it on him!!

The childrens hospital asked the kids to be in a short clip for the news about the hospital.. We filmed that this week.. Both kids got low from all of the excitement..but it was a lot of fun.. It should air next week I believe..
Madi all ready for her interview :)

 Also here is a shirt I got Craig..  I loved it so much.. because type 1 is so misunderstood..and this shirt puts it all out there!!!

And Madi had her 1 year appointment since diagnosis.. well she isnt quite at 1 year, until 1 more month, but she was nervous about getting blood drawn and looks so sad.... Well she didnt end up having to..and her A1C was down too:)   (7.3)  yay!!! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 182

well we have been "pumping" for a few days now..

Im getting up at midnight and 3 am to check blood sugars..

He was low the first night.. then last night he was in the 300s, no ketones.

Today they changed his basal rate so we will see if that helps..

but the night checks....ugh!
Its brutal..

Im supposed to be a D mom at night..and a full time mom during the day on NO sleep..

Its pretty insane and I am exhausted...

He seems to like the pump so far and is doing good at school with it. 

Its a whole new thing....and Madi is waiting for hers to be approved by insurance!

Before we know it, we will have 2 pumpers...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 181

we have a pumper!!!

My phone was malfunctioning so I didnt get a pic at the hospital.. but he has insulin in his pump and he is loving it!!

I have to get up at midnight and 3 am for a month to log blood sugars and see his body's pattern...

not looking forward to that, but it will be ok:)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 180

Tomorrow morning we go to PCH to get insulin in Craigs pump!!

Tomorrow is also the start of midnight and 3am blood tests for a month! yikes!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 179

Well, yesterday was the Tour de Cure in Phoenix.. We signed up for 62 miles and found out the route was actually 65 miles!! SO thats what we did!! We have been training for a few months and were as ready as we were gonna be.. The weather was amazing the first half of the race. then it warmed up a bit. Overall it was an awesome but very hard experience!! We completed the 65 miles in 6.5 hours!!

 Our Red Rider...
 Landon!!! Doing 50 miles today to get his Boy Scout Cycling Merit Badge!!
 Love my boys!!!

 Here we are at 14 miles!! This is fun!!
 Here we are at 49 miles.. not as much fun anymore..SUPER HARD!!

 GO Boys!!
 Craig got a special jersey that says "Red Rider"... That means he has diabetes.. When someone would come by they would say "go red rider!!"  It was pretty cool!!

yep, 65 miles!!!

  We finished... Landon did 50 miles and then my husband picked him u[p and Craig and I finished the other 15 miles, to make a total of 65 miles for Craig and I.. It was brutal!! I was so done at 58 miles..and didnt know if I could finish out another 7 miles.. I pushed though it for Craig and Im so glad I did.. He is a fighter and Im so proud he proves Type 1 doesnt stop you from achieving your goals!!
Craig was the youngest rider for any of the long distance rides this year at Tour de Cure!!  Someone from the ADA came up and thankes him adn told us he was the youngest. So proud!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 178

The REAL countdown begins.. 48 hours until we do 65 miles on the bikes!!!! Im crazy nervous.. Its going to be hot too!!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 177

 Yep, This girl plays T-ball too!!!!!

Well, Craig has his saline trial start on Friday... We do our 65 mile race (I thought is was 62!! but apparently its 65) on Saturday, Tuesday he gets insulin in his pump!!  Madi has decided to get a pump too, so I have made her a pump belt:) Its is adorable..Ill share pics soon!!! I think she is more excited about teh cute fabric than she is for the actual pump!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 176

Having kids with type 1 is a non stop busy life.. It doesnt slow down.. Its like you're living in a constant survival mode..Cant forget anything..Dont forget to pack this and that.. What are the numbers? carbs? Are you low? high? what abut the other kids? Are they getting attention too? Is the house clean? We need groceries. and needles!

Once in a while, life will seem to stop at a moment and Ill have time to think.  Today at church was one of those day.  We had a busy morning trying to get ready and off so we werent late.

When I walked into the church, it seems time slowed down and my mind started thinking...

"Do I really have 2 kids with Type 1 diabetes?"
"Is this really our life?"
"I just never would have imagined ......well, Im sure my kids wouldnt have either."

Last night we attended an event and the kids were representatives for JDRF.  On the way, Craig said "It seems like no one even knows about Type 1 diabetes..Everyone knows what cancer is, and when they see someone who is bald, they feel like they know they have cancer and I feel bad for them.. But if someone finds out you have Type 1 diabetes, they have no idea...they just assume you are unhealthy.."

I knew what he was saying was true..

I expressed to him how proud I am of him for speaking at events, and for volunteering for JDRF..I told him THAT can make the difference..The more people you educate, the better.

And although you can teach people and educate and tell your story, there will always be some people who think they know more than you and think you can fix Type 1 by diet..

Just yesterday morning someone found out Madi had Type 1 and he said to me "Well maybe when they are a bit older and can eat better they will grow out of it."

I really hate comments like those..because although I know they are just uneducated, it still makes me feel like they look at me as a parent and think Im a bad one..because its my or my childs fault they have this disease..

And well, thats just not the case.

So my last comment to all??

Educate..Tell your story..and be an advocate..It will help so many people.

Here is a picture of the 2 kids at an event ..this is a diabetes alert dog..  She can detect highs and lows and can even open a fridge and bring you  a juice box!! Amazing huh!?? She raised her paw to Craig and so I had him check his glucose and he was high!  The dog was spot on!!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 175

 What am exciting package to get in the mail!!!

Criag has his pump now!! We go next week to get the saline trial, then a few days later to get insulin!!

Day 174

Yesterday Craigs school had their JDRF walk.  It was raining so they had to walk inside the school. His school raised $2000 for JDRF in the past 2 weeks.  Here are a few pictures.
 Craig Madi and the Principal. Craigs school has been awesome and very supportive of his diabetes this past year!
 The school made banners for the different grades.. The kids stamped their handprint and signed their name.  They look great!!
 Craig and his friends:)

 Look at all of those shoes!! Here we are with our JDRF rep..and Yes, Craig is now taller than me!!

Day 173

Craig did an awesome job at the assembly in front of his whole school!! So proud of my boy!! 
He got pretty nervous though and skipped a lot of his presentation .. He kind of skimmed through it.  But, overall, he did great! I could never have done this at his age!!
I am so glad my kids are advocates.. They are fighters, not victims!!
 I truly believe YOU choose how to live with this disease..Its hard, and these kids are strong!!
Ya, they have their rough days, but overall, they fight through this disease.. And the help educate others on the facts of what Type 1 is.
Just the other day I had someone ask if Madi could have cake, but I did not have her insulin, so I said "no, she has type 1 diabetes, and I don thave her insulin"
 Their response was to tell THEIR child,  "If you  keep eating all that cake and candy, you'll get diabetes too!"

So many people have no idea what Type 1 is.. Just no clue at all.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 172

Oh my goodness..we only have 2 weeks until out 62 mile bike ride, tour de cure for the American Diabetes Associations...

This ride really proves to me that diabetes doesnt stop anyone from doing what they want..
Craig has proven this.. He was diagnosed, in the hospital for 4 days, and once he got out, he was back to doing all of his activities..

Diabetes is a difficult disease..its a lot of work..It is a life threatening disease that has no cure but....It doesnt have to run your life.

Craig CAN be a boy Scout..He CAN go hiking, rock climbing, camping, swimming, Running, and so much more!

Madi CAN go swimming! She can run, jump, play and swim!!

Madi CAN go ice skating.  She can fall, skate, laugh and cry!

Craig CAN do hard things.. He can bike 30 miles in Azizona, he can push himself and be determined to do hard things!!

Craig CAN play sports, He can play baseball, run, bat and slide.  He CAN play soccer, football and play with his friends!

These kids CAN hike the the Az mountains..They can have fun and they are AMAZING!

Craig CAN be an advocate.He can teach, speak and share his story.  He can make a difference and educate people who dont know about type 1.

Craig CAN have cake!! yes he can.. He can eat what he loves..He can eat cake, cookies and ice cream! Even if Craig wants an apple, he needs 1 unit of insulin.. He needs insulin to live..not just to eat candy!

One thing I hope this blog shows is that diabetes is a real disease..and a hard disease, but It does NOT have to run your life...