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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

no more pump..

modern technology is a great thing... but right now, we need a break.

Madi has so many sores on her small body from pump sites and she has apparently developed an allergic reaction to the Dexcom sites. She gets a terrible rash underneath. When we take the site off, she has what looks like a bad burn. We tried a new site and after just 2 days we took it off and will not use any more until she heals completely.
Another reason we are taking a break from teh pump is becaue of to many highs... The not knowing if she is gettign insulin, if there is a kink or if she is just high for some other reason.
At least with the injections, we know she got the insulin. Theres no question if the cannula is kinked or the site is bad.
We have already seen an improvement in her numbers!
Shots are no fun and with injections she has to get 8-9 shots a day.
Also with no Dexcom, Im getting up at 2 am to check both kids to make sure their numbers are good. Especially since they are both so active and we are on the Lantus, we need to see how their body reacts in the evening for a bit. 

I a sure after a while she will be ready to go back on the pump, but for now we are going back to the beginning...