Craig and Madi are siblings who both have Type 1 diabetes. They were both diagnosed in 2012 and with in 4 months of each other. Craig (16) and Madi (7) are awesome kids and here you will see the everyday things that come with Type 1. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes. Thank you so much for reading!!
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 200

 Well we have enjoyed the beach for a couple of days.. Had a couple lows from all of the excitement.. Also The first day, Madi got sand in her site even though we put the clip in it to protect it.. So the second day, we covered it with self adhesive ace bandages.. ok, I dont think thats what it is called, but its a stretchy bandage that sticks to itself, so we wrapped her arm and it worked great. 
 She never would actually get IN the water, so I didnt worry about the pump at all.  We did take it off when we buried her int the sand

 Madi and her aunt! My aunt too!! Seriously, I cannot take pic of Madi with out a silly face!
 Me and my girl!
 Me and the kids..
 And here a re a couple pics of the kids at the Creek when we got to Washington..

We have had a hard time getting Madis pump settings where we want them... She is high at midnight then drops a ton by 3 am.. I usually have to give her a drink or gogurt at 3 to sustain her until morning...
So they made some pump changes to her basal and now she is just high ALL night..

I personally think her carb count needs to be changed too because she is high all day..which worries us.. So we change her site after a couple highs (over300) and its fine.. no kink, no problem... SO that is just frustrating! hoping for better numbers SOON!!

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  1. maybe try a temp basal upwards? or two separate basal things in the night