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Monday, February 10, 2014

night check this week.

I go in...
 stepping on toys in the dark.
. uncover her tiny toes to prick one to get a small drop of blood..
.I apply it to the meter and wait 4 seconds...3...2...1.. 59.

 Too low. 

I hurry to get a juice box. she sits up and I whisper "drink, drink" she drinks with her eyes closed, half asleep. 
Lays back down and I have to tell her to "drink more madi, youre too low sweet girl"..
 she sits back up, eyes still closed, opens her mouth to the straw and drinks....
"thats it mama" she says and she lays back down. 
Her sweet little face lay on her pillow, off to dreamland once again.
 She falls right back to sleep, no worries for her, as I sit and wait 15 minutes.. hoping her blood sugar has come up enough for her to have a quick snack so she can sleep through the night safely.... dreading having to wake her again in a few minutes to recheck and make her eat...
when all she wants to do is sleep..

I dont always have to check my kids at night.. but  if they have wacky numbers during the day, new site change, are sick, or are rally active before bed then I do check them.
I hate when they are low at night.. They just want to sleep and they look so peaceful.
But why dont they wake up.. why are they still sleeping if they blood sugar is getting dangerously low.
What if I didnt check?
What if I slept though my alarm?
What if????
Craig start baseball this week so Ill be getting up at least 6 days a week. sometime he is just fine and sometimes he drops quick after baseball even with a -10% basal..
when he is active its really hit and miss.

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