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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

how was your summer!??

 well we are back from a 2 month vacation.. (Our paperwork is turned into the insurance!! Hoping the kids get approved for a CGM!!)

Back to school is right around the corner!
That means meetings with teachers, packing diabetic supplies, school shopping, teacher training, and preparing our kids for another school year. 

When you have a T1 kiddo, back to school is a lot more than just school shopping and sending them off to school..

Here are some things we do to prepare our kids AND the school for another school year with T1.

  • Prepare the nurse:   for us, this means taking in a small tub of items my child will possibly need through out the school day.  Both kids will have items in class and their backpack, but here are items we give to the nurse:
     *carb/protien snacks like crackers and PB, pretzels & yogurt
     *boxes of juice and tablets
     *extra pump battery
     *Alcohol wipes
     *A meter for the nurses office 
     *extra test strips
     *extra pump tubing
     *Ketone strips

  • Prepare the teachers & teaching staff:  I need to go in and train the 1st grade staff (all staff just in case her teacher is absent at any time).  We will cover what T1 is, high/lows, Glucagon, warning signs, carbs & intake, checking glucose, quick sugars and more.  Teachers will be able to ask questions     After the meeting, we will make sure that her teacher had the following items in class:
     *juice & tablets
     *carb/protien snacks like crackers and PB, pretzels & yogurt
     *extra test strips
     *a meter for the classroom
     *no carb snacks like beef jerky
     *Handouts of signs of highs/lows
     *A substitute paper with a photo of Madi on it for easy recognition in case of a sub
     *she will also have a very small bag to take to recess with a meter, glucagon and quick sugars in it.  I got a pencil bag that had handles and fit everything perfectly!!
  •  Meet with school staff, principal and nurse to create a 504:  luckily we have a great school that we probably dont even need a 504, but I like to have one anyway.  Some specific things we put in her 504 are:
     *A parent is able to go on all field trips or a nurse will be sent
     *I will get a call if she is above 300 or under 80
     *absences diabetes related will not could against her
     *her carb ratios and a doctors order
     *She will be able to test BS in class to have less access to sickness at the nurses office.
     *She will be able to wear her pump pouch and belts in any color or style she chooses (she goes to a charter school with uniforms)
     *If her BS is under 80 or aboove250, she will not take tests until she is within range
     *school will text me before giving her any insulin to confirm amount.
     *she will have unlimited access to water and bathroom breaks
     *much more specifics on her daily checks as well

For Craig, since he is in high school he is independent with his diabetes.. Meaning he doesnt really need help unless there were a crashing low and he were unable to take care of himself.  For this reason, I email all of his new teachers and meet with them for a quick T1 education meeting.  We go over his needs and what to expect from him (and the teachers).  

Here are some fun pics from our summer vacation!
 Madi did her first BMX race! Strider adn she came in 2nd!
 Fishing day!
 Running around and enjoying the tire swing !

 Cowboy Kids!!

 Riding horses!

Madi ate tons of berries this summer!!! e had a lot of fun picking berries and making lots of Jam this summer!

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