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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 163

Cupcakes and a really low low??
How is this possible?

Madi was so excited when she saw a cake mix for valentines cup cakes.

She has been waiting 2 days to make them because we have just been so busy.

Well we made them this afternoon and as they were cooling she was playing the ipad for about half an hour.

I said "Ok time to frost the cupcakes, lets go!" And she jumped up all excited and ran downstairs...then all the sudden she yells "Wheres my meter? get my meter!! I feel low!"

I hurried and get it adn she checked her blood..
It seemed all of the energy drained out of her in a matter of seconds. I ran to get juice quickly and she laid down..

Poor sweet girl...I hate moments like these... no warning, just a quick low..
She wasnt jumping around, playing, running or anything..she was sitting and playing the ipad.. but apparently she needed to eat  while she was doing so, because a 44 is just too low!

To say the least, she was excited to get her cupcake for free, with no shot! 

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  1. Sorry to hear about the low, but "yay" for insulin-free cupcakes!