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Sunday, February 10, 2013

day 164

Today was a rough day..

Madi got up and was super bratty..
And  didnt want to do anything, was being super sassy, and not getting along with anyone..

Her blood sugar was 242 when she got up, which is a little high, but not crazy high.

She had her breakfast and I dosed her for it.

Then we went to church.

She was whiny and could not be pleased!

SO I decided to check her blood again..even though I dosed her for breakfast..

She was 499..


Out of no where...

She didnt have extra snacks, because we were in a hurry, so I know she didnt sneak any..

I gave her insulin for the high and then within 20 minutes, she fell asleep on her dad..In church.
That hasnt happened since she was um... a baby!!

I know being that high makes her tired and "bratty"

But I felt so sad for her, knowing she was so high..

No one, not even I, can understand the affects of a little body when blood sugars go from good to 499, to normal to crazy low...Of course unless you have Type 1 and have been through it.

This roller coaster of numbers is just numbers, but to her....its a sick feeling, a tired feeling, a really bad feeling..

It got me all emotional dealing with it.  I felt so sad for her little body..that she cant just not have to worry about it..  And sad that I couldnt control it..
Control those crazy numbers so she can feel "good".
But diabetes doesnt work like that..
Theres no "controlling" anything!
Who knows, it could have been her ear infection she has that has caused her highs lately..or maybe her body is fighting something else and she will end up sick in a couple days....Im not really sure why she was 499....but she has had quite a few highs in the past 2 days. 

She slept for an hour...I took her to my class and she just slept on me. 

Now her numbers are fine and she is just as busy as ever.  But I really dont like these days..

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