Craig and Madi are siblings who both have Type 1 diabetes. They were both diagnosed in 2012 and with in 4 months of each other. Craig (16) and Madi (7) are awesome kids and here you will see the everyday things that come with Type 1. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes. Thank you so much for reading!!
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Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 172

Oh my goodness..we only have 2 weeks until out 62 mile bike ride, tour de cure for the American Diabetes Associations...

This ride really proves to me that diabetes doesnt stop anyone from doing what they want..
Craig has proven this.. He was diagnosed, in the hospital for 4 days, and once he got out, he was back to doing all of his activities..

Diabetes is a difficult disease..its a lot of work..It is a life threatening disease that has no cure but....It doesnt have to run your life.

Craig CAN be a boy Scout..He CAN go hiking, rock climbing, camping, swimming, Running, and so much more!

Madi CAN go swimming! She can run, jump, play and swim!!

Madi CAN go ice skating.  She can fall, skate, laugh and cry!

Craig CAN do hard things.. He can bike 30 miles in Azizona, he can push himself and be determined to do hard things!!

Craig CAN play sports, He can play baseball, run, bat and slide.  He CAN play soccer, football and play with his friends!

These kids CAN hike the the Az mountains..They can have fun and they are AMAZING!

Craig CAN be an advocate.He can teach, speak and share his story.  He can make a difference and educate people who dont know about type 1.

Craig CAN have cake!! yes he can.. He can eat what he loves..He can eat cake, cookies and ice cream! Even if Craig wants an apple, he needs 1 unit of insulin.. He needs insulin to live..not just to eat candy!

One thing I hope this blog shows is that diabetes is a real disease..and a hard disease, but It does NOT have to run your life...

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  1. I love this. The pictures are priceless. Thanks for sharing!