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Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 208

I had to post about this...

I typically get up at 3am for glucose checks..
The night before last I turned my alarm off because I got up a little earlier than 3 on my own, so I didnt want it going off again at 3.
So last night, I was unaware that my alarm wasnt on.  I slept through 3 am.. but was awaken at 3:118 am... Madis insulin pump alarm was going off... low battery.. I get a new battery and think "well, Ill check her since Im up."

She was 63!! way too low for sleeping and she didnt even wake up.  We would have slept another 5 hours!!! SO scary!!
I woke her up and she got juice and a snack to tide her over until the morning..
Then I thought.."I should go check Craigs blood too, Im sure he is fine, but Ill go check"

You see, he was sleeping in my grandparents house across the property..
So at 3 am, I walked over and checked his blood... He was 72!! seriously??

All I could think about in the kitchen at 3:45 am now was what if her battery wasnt low.. what if I didnt wake up to check them?? Would they have woken up?? Why were they both low? Thats crazy! They have both had pretty good numbers at night so I thought maybe I didnt need to get up at 3 anymore, but that is NOT the case..

This, was an "I hate diabetes" night!

I felt so thankful for that low battery..and for Heavenly Father waking me up so I could take care of my kiddos..

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