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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 50??

already? 50 days of blogging..

Well Today I have been trying to get everything together for tomorrow..
.meet the teachers meeting at Craigs school...

I have to brief all of his new teachers on what Type 1 is, how to administer the glucagon if needed, what he will need and sign a new 504 plan...

What is a 504 plan?

Basically it states Craigs condition and the things he needs from the school, plus what the school needs from us..
For example it says in the plan that Craig must have a buddy when he goes to the nurse, in case he were low and passes out. It also states that we will provide the nurse with quick sugars and carb snacks for Craig.

If he has a test, he has to check his glucose and if it is low or too high, he will not take the test until he is at a good number... There are a lot of things in the plan that protect Craig and allow him the things he needs with his diabetes.

Last year he missed quite a few days due to hospital visits and sickness, so he missed a lot of work.. It is hard for him to make everything up, but he does it.  He is a very good student and gets upset if he gets anything less than an A... So he has to work even harder to keep those grades up even when he misses instruction due to illness. 

The most important thing with the school is communication.. They have to communicate with me and I have to with them.  I am in constant communication with the principal and they have been very good to make sure Craig has the most "normal" school day he can...

This year we are allowing him to carry his insulin with him all day, that way there are less trips to the nurse (he used to have to go to the nurse everyday at lunch to get his shot)...We will see how that goes:)

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