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Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 60

Well today I was shopping..and now when I go shopping I have to look for a lot of "certain" things..

I try to stock up on things as well, which can be hard because lets face it, these "certain" things are not cheap! When you have diabetes, your snack options are VERY limited unless you get a shot for we are always on the look out for new things for the kids to try because no one wants to eat the same thing all the time.

The things I was looking for today were:
  • snacks for Madi that have under 15 carbs because she can have 1 of these inbetween meals for "free" or with out a shot
  • snacks that have under 15 carbs but also have protien
  • quick sugars for lows like juice and candies
  • gatorade for Craig when he is playing baseball
  • snacks for all of the kids because the truth is that diabetes sucks, but when your siblings who DO have diabetes get all the "good" snacks, that stinks too!!
  • Just protein snacks, or "free" items the kids can have without shots...
For our family I really need snack sized things, we are so busy that we need grab and go items...
The kids have to pack lunches, I have things in my purse, madi always has to have things with for me its really about convenience.

A few items we like are:

Under 15 carb snacks for Madi :

These are really just snack sized items..Most of them are about 15 carbs..We get snack size packages of goldfish, graham bites, granola bars, mini cookies and crackers. Snack packaged chips are also under 15 carbs normally.  Yes I know I can buy a large bag and divide it into snack bags in ziplocks, but that is just not convenient.. Occasionally I will do that, but usually not too much:)

These Cuties are great! They are small easy to peel and Madi loves them! Well all of our kids like them, 

Carb/protien snacks:

We are always looking for new things because no one wants to eat the SAME thing all the time... We like crackers and peanut butter..I bought a store brand once and Craig couldnt eat them because he said they were way too salty..weird.. So anyway I get these:

Here is a new thing out right now.Honey Maid Grahamfuls....They are graham crackers and peanut butter in between (they also have pb and chocolate and banana cream) All of my kids love them and they have carb and protein so its great! After a low, they have to have a carb and protein snack to help keep their numbers up also before bed its a good snack. Before bed they like to have milk as well..

Quick Sugars:

Okay for these we would always get 4 oz boxed juice..Its 15 carbs like they need and a quick sugar..Well Walmart stopped carrying them so now they are more expensive at the grocery and in Arizona they get hot so they are not the best items to keep in your purse, backpack or car.. Also we found it hard for Madi (4) to drink  a whole juice box when she maybe wasnt even hungry..  So we do have juice at home in a large jug, but we also look for easy candies like these mini packs of skittles..I will definately be looking for them after holidays now to stock up..


This is fairly self explanatory, but we do like to get small bottles and we will water them down a little now.. He can add half a bottle to his water bottle so sipping while playing doesnt get him too high, but will still help him stay high enough to be able to play.
We also found these..I think at Target.. They are packets, somewhat like crystal light//A powder that you add to a water bottle. These are great for Craig especially for Boy Scout hikes and outings..They are light weight but he can add to his water bottles if he needs to instead of carrying both a bottle of gatorade and a bottle of water.  We also found gatorade gummies which have carbs but not caffeine (like other sports chews)..They were good for scout camp as well. light weight and small.

Just protein snacks:
 We love these small packs of peanut butter..I hate when the kids take peanut butter to school in a small Tupperware then throw it in the sink..Peanut butter does not rinse out easily! so annoying! So these small sizes are awesome! They can grab one with apple slices or a small bag of crackers. Got these at Costco!
 Well these would include cheese sticks which we buy a lot of and Beef Jerky, which all of my kids love.. Beef Jerky is expensive! We have found the best prices at Costco.. Certain Costcos have these..They are individual snack packs of jerky. I think you get like 12 packets for $14 and stores sell these small packets for almost $5 each!! .. Perfect for baseball games, fits in my purse, a backpack, ect! But only certain costcos have them..The closest Costco to us does not carry them so we drive  a llittle further adn stock up on them because its SO worth it for the price and convenience! Its the same with the peanut butter packets..The farther Costco has them so we stock up when we go there..
Almonds are another great snack that is free..Luckily my kids like these things:)

The kids do drink a lot of water..I never buy soda for any of my kids and they only get soda if we go out to dinner or something like that.. But other than water, they do like crystal light because they can have that with out a shot unlike fruit juice.. Also we found these Mio..They are flavors in liquid form..So you can add as much as you want..Instead of using half a crystal light packet them having the other half spill in your purse or in the cupboard, these Mio are great!

Got the Mio from Target..

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