Craig and Madi are siblings who both have Type 1 diabetes. They were both diagnosed in 2012 and with in 4 months of each other. Craig (16) and Madi (7) are awesome kids and here you will see the everyday things that come with Type 1. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes. Thank you so much for reading!!
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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 67










Its like some sort of code...These are Madis numbers the past 3 days...What does this tell us??
Well, it either means she needs more insulin, or that her body is trying to fight something off..meaning she will be sick any day now..She did wake up today with a cough and runny nose..She also took a nap the past 3 days and she NEVER does that! ha
So as much as we dont like these high numbers, they tell us something..
She has to check for Ketones as well and so far so good, no ketones... Just gotta keep her hydrated adn keep an eye on her numbers...

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