Craig and Madi are siblings who both have Type 1 diabetes. They were both diagnosed in 2012 and with in 4 months of each other. Craig (16) and Madi (7) are awesome kids and here you will see the everyday things that come with Type 1. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes. Thank you so much for reading!!
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 62

Here is a quick update on our family service project.. We now have 50 bags that we get to donate, filled with toys, games, cards, color books and crayons/colored pencils, stickers, playdough and more!!

Thats 50 kids who will have that much of an easier time in the hospital..

50 kids who will be able to take their mind off of the constant shots if only for a moment!


You are helping so many kids and supporting our 2 little ones who have been there and done that at the hospital...

As you can see, we still have some donations..We have a lot of crayons and color books..We have just a few packs of cards left and a few other LEGO sets as well..

So what we are in need of now are board/childrens books, small games, cards, hot wheels, stuff like that. 

The hospital will let me know when they run out of the first 50 bags and then we hopefully will be ready for another donation.
Again thank you everyone who donated! And thank you Felten family for the games cool fun tubes, cards and huge color books!! I was actually SO glad you did not donate crayons because my husband picked up the bag of donations while he was at work then accidentally left the bag in his squad car in 116 degree heat!!...  Crayons may not have lived through it!!! ha

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